CLIENT: Amalgamated Beverages

PROJECT: Relocation of Bottling Plants to Ghana, Angola, Kenya

Apart from the management and planning of the individual projects, an important aspect was the assistance needed with the movement of parts from the established plants to fabricators throughout the country, as well as the rigging requirements at the site.

In the main, the Bottle Washers were fabricated at the plant since this made commercial sense and thereafter, it was the responsibility of the Freight Forwarder to arrange the rigging out of and onto the appropriate low bed trailer. It must be born in mind that the bottle washers’ mass range between 85 to 100 tons. The real challenge was always at the port of arrival and at the various sites in the city/country of destination.

The initial and continuous planning has been intensive and in all instances the said objectives were achieved. The total cubic meters shipped equaled 25 000, of which 8000 originated from Europe with the total process being managed locally.